What Are Considered Common Problems with Air Conditioners?

You know the importance of a smooth-functioning AC, but sometimes these units fail to perform efficiently due to different problems you might not be able to understand fully. There can be any valid reason behind a problem with your air conditioner; the reasons vary according to the problems. Rest assured, there are effective solutions you can receive from a professional HVAC contractor in Atlanta, GA. Let’s first discuss what problems you may face with your AC.

Common Problems with Air Conditioners

AC is Not Turning On

If your AC is not turning on, the problem is most likely with the thermostat. Try to reset it before trying to turn your AC on. Sometimes, due to low battery power, some thermostats won’t work at all. Replace the batteries in your thermostat to make it work. If this does not resolve the problem, check the AC’s circuit breaker; if it is tripped, flip the switch off and turn on the AC.

AC is Not Working Properly

When your AC is on but still unable to blow cold air, there can be a problem with the air filters. A dirty air filter can create issues for the condenser, making your AC not function the way it should. If your AC has a temporary filter, you should try changing it, or if it is recently changed, you can try to clean it.

AC is Not Maintaining Desired Temperature

One of the most typical issues with air conditioners system is that they sometimes provide low cooling and the common reason is leakage. This means there is leakage in ducts or other areas in your place where the cool air is leaking. Check if there are gaps between your windows and doors. As you might not be able to find the leaks inside your ducts, it is better to call a company offering AC service in Lawrenceville to get the problem identified and fixed.

AC is Turning Off and On Frequently

There can be two reasons for this to happen. First, some electronic devices such as dryers or lamps produce heat. When you use them near your thermostat, it can send a signal to your AC unit of low cooling, making it turn back on from standby mode. Another problem can be with the filter. A dirty or clogged filter can make your AC work too hard, and if it has to function harder, it can automatically get turned off at a particular point.

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