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Many homeowners wait until their air conditioner makes an unusual noise or stops working correctly before calling for help. Do you know that even if your air conditioner appears to be in good working order, it might lose up to 5% of its operational efficiency each year? With proper maintenance, a unit can retain up to 95% of its initial efficiency. 


The expense of regular servicing is soon recouped through lower monthly electricity bills and maintenance costs. You want to ensure your system is working correctly, at its highest capacity, and with the minor energy usage possible before you need it. 

If you schedule service before the peak air conditioning season, you’re more likely to get it sooner. However, if your system is making unusual noises or does not appear to be working correctly, you should have it checked quickly before opting for AC replacement Atlanta, GA.


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JE Mechanical HVAC, Corp has offered exceptional comfort solutions for heating contractors Atlanta GA in Johns Creek, Cumming, Alpharetta, Lawrenceville, Atlanta, GA, and the surrounding areas for residential and commercial customers. 

Our goal is to become more creative, understandable, and customer-focused, resulting in a long and fruitful working relationship. Customers have often praised our attention to detail and product understanding, which has helped us maintain our stellar reputation. 

We are your go-to HVAC contractor for all your comfort system needs, offering everything from HVAC installation, repair, and maintenance to heating, cooling, and indoor air quality. Our objective is to give our clients cost-effective, tailored heating and air conditioning services that are also economical. 

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Call us if you want to talk about air conditioning repair in Atlanta, Roswell, Duluth, and Lawrenceville,  GA. And the surrounding areas, we make every effort to deliver same-day or next-day service.


Since our beginning as HVAC contractor Roswell, Duluth, and Roswell, GA, we have maintained a high staff and customer loyalty. It has been accomplished by continually keeping our promises, doing the right thing, and being truthful.


Our high-quality, talented, and disciplined personnel are committed to getting it right the first time using the best resources and techniques available.


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We are committed to quality and customer service for commercial HVAC Atlanta, which are the foundations of everything we do and the reason. We can confidently claim to be the plumbers you can rely on.

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JE Mechanical HVAC, Corp began with a simple goal: to benefit our community by offering exceptional service and quality. We have maintained our dedication and kept up with the industry standards to provide excellent customer service.

Give JE Mechanical HVAC, Corp a call for furnace service in Johns Creek, Cumming, Alpharetta, Lawrenceville, Atlanta, GA, and the surrounding regions when your heater breaks down. We’ll be there to figure out what’s wrong and fix it. Professionals like commercial HVAC Atlanta have a reputation for providing excellent HVAC service completed right the first time. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

According to experts, it is better to have your AC serviced twice a year. Once in the fall and then in the spring, ensure that your unit is clean and working at its peak performance.


The following symptoms indicate low gas in your AC:

  • Less cooling
  • Increased energy bills
  • Hissing sound 
  • Ice formation on the evaporator coil and discharge pipe.

If your AC is new, it can last up to two years without needing service. But it is better to have your AC serviced at least once a year to avoid any problems and make it last longer.


The following things are done during an AC service:

  • Cleaning of air filter
  • Condenser and evaporator coil cleaning
  • Fan cleaning
  • Drain cleaning
  • Leakage check
  • Coolant level check

Yes, you can start your air conditioner without servicing it. But to keep it in good condition you will need AC service.


The main reason behind your AC gas leak can be the corrosion of the condenser pipe. Apart from this, other reasons can be a mistake in the installation or a pinhole leak.


Air conditioners with R32 are a better choice. R32 is more energy-efficient, easy to handle, and has a low greenhouse gas impact when compared to any other gas.


Yes, it is good to clean your aircon compressor by using specific chemicals to enhance the performance of your air conditioner. You can go to a professional for AC service in Duluth and get expert assistance.


Your outside AC unit collects a lot of dust, grass, dirt, and debris every time. So, it is necessary to clean it to help your AC give peak performance.