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Your HVAC system needs professional care and repair to keep it in its best condition until its maximum life expectancy. And professional HVAC experts can make one service to be worth as many, by giving the best services. JE Mechanical HVAC, Corp is a family-owned HVAC company specialized in dealing with all major makes.  They also include brands of HVAC systems. And we understand the value of a comfortable home for your family and priorly for yourself. Thus, we are keeping on providing award-winning emergency HVAC in Alpharetta to homeowners for the last many decades.

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In the field of HVAC repair in Alpharetta, GA, it is not essential how successfully we market our company or brand, but our service quality in the field matters. Every homeowner looks for a trustworthy HVAC company that will guide them with honest reviews and completes their job at fair pricing. And we have both. We hate mysterious charges and unsolicited pricing to charge against our services, as we don’t focus on a one-time service but to create a relationship with our customers that lasts longer. And we try to create a bond with our clients through our exceptional customer service, which remains long after our services are completed.

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All our team members are well trained with industry-standard training modules and equipment. And after many years of service in HVAC, we picked up the best practices only to make our services more competent. And we cater to many services throughout the city and neighborhood to reduce your time of waiting for good HVAC services.

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HVAC repair Alpharetta, GA

We have a range of HVAC services to choose from based on your requirement. And be sure that whatever service you may need; you get professional supervision and nothing less. In each of the services we provide like AC repair, HVAC installation, or furnace repair in Alpharetta, GA, we take your satisfaction as our goal of service. And our technicians don’t leave your place until you are fully satisfied with our service.

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No matter how big your heating or cooling problem is, we can handle all. We are also providing new HVAC installation services and HVAC replacement services for almost 30 years. And we know how to install your HVAC most cost-effectively and efficiently. We analyze your home comfort requirement and guide you to pick the best system.

HVAC Repair Alpharetta, GA

We realize how important it is to bring your home comfort back when your HVAC system fails. And we bring your HVAC system back to normal again even before you know it.  We perform a thorough system scan before every repair so that you can get the most from a single repair.

We are looking forward to long-term business opportunities with our exceptional service and estimates. And we have a solution for every budget.  Contact AC company in Alpharetta, which is known as one of the best air conditioning repair in Alpharetta Call our HVAC expert and let us serve you.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Unclean air filters are the most typical cause of your split and window AC not cooling. In addition, if the AC filter is dirty with dust and grime, it can cause various issues. 


It has the potential to obstruct the thermostat's correct operation. The ducts' cold and warm air movement is blocked by dirt in the AC filters. It might also cause the evaporator coil to freeze, preventing cold air from leaving the outlet.

Air conditioning devices reduce the temperature by taking heated air from your house and pushing it outside while letting cold air back into the space. 


Air conditioning systems function similarly to ordinary refrigerators in that heat is collected inside the unit and then evacuated from the room.


Here's how it works:


First, the system draws warm air from the room into the system.


This air passes over the cold evaporator pipes inside, cooling the air and removing excess moisture using a dehumidifier.


Meanwhile, the coolant in the chiller pipes absorbs heat from the air passing by and evaporates, changing from a cold liquid to a heated gas.


The warm air is blasted outside while the coolant passes through a compressor and a condenser, converting it into a cool liquid.


The cold air is then recirculated into the space, mixing with the current attitude to lower the temperature and humidity.

1 ton of cooling = 1,000 watts. 1.5 tons of cooling = 1,500 watts. 2 tons of cooling = 2,00 watts.


When your air conditioning system stops working due to a flashing light malfunction, heated air is blasted. 


You may turn off the circuit for your air conditioner, wait a few minutes, and then turn it back on. For some, the device will resume regular operation.

a) Make sure the batteries are in good condition. They have a one-year life expectancy. Therefore they may need to be replaced.


b) The batteries may not have been properly fitted.


c) The distance may be more than the remote control's range distance (6-7m).


d) The receiver's PCB may have a problem and need to be replaced by a qualified technician.


The following are some of the most common causes of your air conditioner generating hot air:


A Clogged Air Filter


Unclean air filters are the most typical cause of your split and window AC not cooling. If the AC filter is dirty with dust and grime, it can cause various issues. It has the potential to obstruct the thermostat's correct operation.


Using the Wrong Thermostat Settings


Check the thermostat if your split or window air conditioner isn't cooling. If your air conditioner blows chilly air first, then with a lukewarm attitude, you have a problem.


Outside Unit is Dirty


Check if the outside unit might be overcrowded or dirty with debris, twigs, dust, or dirt, as this could also be causing your AC issues.