How You Can Prevent Furnace Problems

The dropping temperatures in Alpharetta point towards furnace maintenance. But before you scramble around to call emergency furnace service in Roswell, GA, it is best to prevent furnace problems in the first place. Listed below are some tips, which can help you do so. 


Tips To Prevent Furnace Problems:


Follow these tips to avoid dealing with a broken furnace this winter:


Keep The Dirt Away! 


Tapped dirt can be a hindrance when it comes to a non-functioning furnace. The contaminants can affect your air filters and other integral parts. To avoid this, replace your air filters every two months and clean the internal components carefully. 

You can also get advice from professional HVAC contractor in Roswell, and Duluth, GAon how you can keep your furnace clean. 


Check Your Thermostat. 


A broken thermostat can cause endless problems. Ensure that:

  • Your thermostat’s wires are not loose. 
  • The thermostat has not run out of batteries or is not low on them. 
  • The thermostat’s reader is working/ showing indication when the power is on. 

If you see any of these problems, request a service. 


Keep An Eye On Your Gas Tank. 


Being low on oil or gas will prevent the furnace from turning on. You must check the gas tank and sufficiently refill it to have a working furnace. Also, beware of leaking gas. If you smell gas or burning, call the emergency HVAC Alpharetta immediately!  


Get Your Maintenance Done Regularly!


Make sure you “regularly” service your furnace. Doing this will help detect problems in advance. If practiced habitually, you will merely need to repair your components rather than replace them. Timely services will help save money and your furnace.