8 Reasons Why Your Air Conditioner Isn’t Blowing Cold Air & What You Can Do About It

With the advent of the hot summer season, the temperature in Lawrenceville is on a constant rise. During such times, if your air conditioning device is not cooling your place efficiently, it causes concern for the whole family. Moreover, if your air conditioner is new and still not blowing cold air, it can be quite disheartening. 


While there are many reasons why an air conditioner does not blow cool air, not scheduling timely AC service in Lawrenceville is the most prominent cause. Below are some other reasons for an air conditioner to blow out hot air.


  • Increased Humidity Levels


Increased humidity levels trouble both your family members and your air conditioning device. A poor ventilation system, high outdoor humidity levels, and blocked air filters are a few reasons why your air conditioning device cannot keep the indoor atmosphere cool. So, to solve this problem, it is better to have a proper ventilation network that allows for free air movement. 


  • Leaking Ducts


Leakage in ducts is a significant yet common reason that reduces the overall efficiency of your air conditioner. While your unit might be cooling properly, the condensed air can leak through gaps and holes in the walls, thus resulting in warm air. Hence, the best way to solve this issue is to timely call professionals to inspect and fix leaking ducts. 


  • Wrong Air Conditioner Size


Purchasing a small air conditioner for a big house is wrong, as it will not cool the entire area efficiently. Likewise, purchasing a large air conditioner for a small house is incorrect as the device will shut off quickly, and there will be no cool air. Thus, it is prudent to always invest in the right size air conditioner that matches your home’s cooling requirements. 


  • Blocked Outdoor Unit 


Every homeowner should take as much care of the outdoor AC unit as the indoor unit. If the outdoor unit is blocked with dust and dirt, it might not blow out cool air. So, to fix this issue, it is better to call professionals to clean the outdoor unit. 


  • Attic Ventilation


The hot air present in your home’s attic must get vented out through an accurately working ventilation system. If not, that hot air can circulate throughout the place and lower the unit’s efficiency. 


  • Home Insulation


If your home is not insulated properly, the cool air can leak through small gaps and seep out of the house. It is better to get your home well-insulated before summer to avoid this.


  •  Delayed Replacement


If your air conditioner is not blasting cool air even after frequent air conditioner repair in Roswell, it indicates that you need an AC replacement. A delay in air conditioner replacement can result in inefficient cooling of your house because of the faulty unit.


  • Lack of Maintenance


Routine upkeep and servicing are essential for keeping your air conditioner in its best possible condition. Thus, to ensure your AC doesn’t blow hot air on a humid summer day, it is best to regularly get your cooling device serviced.


There are numerous reasons why your air conditioner might not blow out cold air. Thus, it is better to seek professional help as they can find out the exact reason and find a suitable fix for it. 


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