8 Major Signs That Reminds You to Replace Your HVAC System

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Replacing an HVAC system is a significant decision, but there are several signs that indicate when it’s time for you to upgrade to a new one. Here are eight major signs that will let you know if you need a new air conditioning or heating system:

1. Age: The average lifespan of an HVAC system is around 15-20 years. Over time, your AC and heating system will start to become less efficient and could stop working altogether. If your system is approaching or exceeding this age, then it’s time for you to start considering a replacement.
2. Expensive repair cost: It’s natural for air conditioning and heating systems to require parts replaced or need general repairs from time to time. If the system is relatively new, these repairs may not be expensive and can be a great way to keep your system functioning well. However, if the repair costs start to add up, it may be more cost-effective in the long run to replace the entire HVAC system.
3. Hike in energy bills: If your AC isn’t working efficiently, then this will cause your electricity bills to rise significantly over time. This is because both AC and heaters use a lot of energy when they are not working as expected. Consider replacing your old HVAC system with an energy-efficient model if your utility bills have consistently increased over the years.
4. Inconsistent temperature: An HVAC system that cannot maintain a consistent temperature can cause discomfort and make it difficult to control the indoor climate. It can also lead to increased energy bills as the system works harder to try and maintain the desired temperature. If you are experiencing inconsistent temperature in your home or office, it is essential to contact a professional HVAC contractor in Roswell, GA, like JE Mechanical HVAC, Corp for a consultation in Roswell, GA.
5. Excess humidity levels: Excess humidity levels signify that it’s time to replace your HVAC system. High humidity can cause mold, musty odors, and increased allergens, making it feel hotter inside. A malfunctioning or old air conditioner may not be able to remove enough humidity from the air, while a furnace that is too big for the space can dry out the air too much.
6. Poor indoor air quality: A poorly functioning HVAC system can circulate pollutants and lead to health problems. If you notice stuffy air or musty smells, or if anyone in your home or office has been experiencing health problems linked to air quality, contact the team of experts at JE Mechanical HVAC, Corp to evaluate the issue and recommend a solution.
7. Frequently turning on and off: An HVAC system that turns on and off too frequently can cause discomfort and make it difficult to control the indoor climate. It can also lead to increased energy bills as the system works harder to try and maintain the desired temperature. Additionally, continuous running of the system can lead to wear and tear on the equipment, resulting in the need for costly repairs.
8. Strange sound and odor: A peculiar sound or odor coming from your AC and heating system is never a good sign. If you notice any abnormal sounds, it may be a sign that parts have begun to fail and mechanical repairs are needed. Additionally, if you smell odd odors, this can indicate the potential for an electrical fire or other dangerous situation.

If you’re experiencing any of these issues with your HVAC system, it might be time to replace it. JE Mechanical HVAC, Corp has been providing heating and AC service in Lawrenceville, GA, for years, so contact us at (470) 239-1411 today to book a consultation. Our experienced professionals will evaluate your air conditioning unit and help you determine the best approach to keep your home comfortable and safe all year round.

Explore More HVAC Replacement Options with Us

If you are experiencing any of the significant signs discussed above, it is important to schedule a consultation with our professional HVAC contractor at JE Mechanical HVAC, Corp in Roswell, Lawrenceville, CA, and the surrounding areas. Our experienced technicians will thoroughly inspect your heating and cooling system to provide you with a detailed analysis of the best possible solutions.

We understand that replacing your heating and cooling system can be a significant investment, which is why we offer a wide range of products to fit every budget. Our team will work with you to find the most cost-effective solution that meets your specific needs and requirements.

At JE Mechanical HVAC, Corp, we pride ourselves on providing high-quality, professional AC repair in Lawrenceville, GA. We also ensure that our clients are well-informed throughout the process and provide you with all the necessary information to make an informed decision.

Don’t let the signs of a failing HVAC system go ignored. Contact JE Mechanical HVAC, Corp at (470) 239-1411 to schedule your consultation and explore your heating and cooling replacement options today. Our team of HVAC experts will help you find the right solution for your home or business.

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