6 Signs that You Need to Replace the Old Furnace in Your Home

A furnace remains efficient for at least 12 – 15 years, and you may have to opt for a new furnace installation in Atlanta around this time. It is important to understand whether you need a replacement or not.

Professional heating system contractors advise homeowners to be mindful of the furnace before the season starts. Since the furnace remains idle for almost nine months, you might notice some changes during its operation. That is why you should turn on the system weeks before the cold weather and look for the signs for replacement.

Top 6 Signs That Tell You to Opt for Furnace Replacement

• The Age of The Furnace

The average lifespan of a furnace is not more than 20 years, with adequate maintenance service. However, towards the end of this timeline, the furnace starts to fail significantly and is no longer as efficient as it used to be. In this situation, you should call for an expert HVAC contractor in Atlanta, GA, to replace the system.

• The Uneven Distribution of Temperature Across Your House

The thermostat handles the temperature distribution. If the thermostat malfunctions, you will not get the proper temperature throughout your house.

You can contact a reliable heating contractor in Atlanta, GA, to repair these problems. However, you can choose a replacement service if the situation remains unchanged.

• Excessive Repair Work in A Short Time

A furnace must go through several repairs in its entire lifetime. If the system requires multiple repair services within a short period, it can be a matter of concern. Rather than spending too much on the repair work, selecting a new furnace installation in Atlanta may be the better option.

• Consistent Noise from the System

During the operation, a furnace can make several sounds. Though noises like rattling, clanking, whooshing, popping, screeching, etc., indicate various parts in the system have become loose or worn out. You should not keep the system in this condition anymore.

• Excessive Energy Bills

You can blame your furnace system if you suddenly start receiving excessive energy bills in the cold season. It happens when the system has to provide the same efficiency by working harder than usual. You should contact one of the most reliable HVAC service contractors for an immediate furnace replacement in Lawrenceville, GA.

• Dirt And Debris Collection in the Rooms

Dirt and soot collection in your rooms, especially near the furnace grilles and register, indicates the furnace is producing carbon dioxide and is unhealthy. The moment you see this condition, contact a furnace technician immediately.

To Summarize,

Furnace replacement is a significant investment that the long run, will be beneficial for you. Contact JE Mechanical HVAC one of the top heating system contractors in Atlanta, GA, for any of your heating needs. We will assist you in determining whether your system requires repairs or replacement and provide you with options best suited for your home.

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