6 Common Furnace Problems People Face

Sometimes, furnaces start acting up when you need them the most. While you can minimize such instances by ensuring regular maintenance, furnace problems can’t be completely eliminated. In this blog post, let’s discuss some of the most common furnace problems people face. The post also tells you what problems you can resolve and what requires a furnace repair in Roswell, Lawrenceville, Duluth, and nearby areas. 

Inadequate Heating

Usually, when a furnace does not produce heat, the issue is with the thermostat. Either the thermostat settings are incorrect, or the thermostat batteries must be replaced. Another reason for a furnace not producing heat is a clogged air filter. Clean/replace the filter to get rid of the debris that is preventing airflow. Ideally, you should clean/replace the air filters regularly. If the issue is neither because of the thermostat nor a clogged air filter, then the issue could be with your pilot light. You must schedule a furnace service in Roswell, GA, for ignition-related issues. So contact our experts for the furnace cleaning in Roswell, GA.

Short Cycling

In an ideal scenario, a furnace turns on, heats the room to a given temperature, and then turns off until the temperature drops again. It turns on again when the temperature falls, and the cycle repeats. On the other hand, during a short cycle, a furnace turns on and off more frequently, and even the required temperature is not achieved. While some short cycling issues are caused by a faulty thermostat or a clogged filter and can be easily resolved without professional help, you should call a heating repair in Atlanta, for issues caused by a dirty flame sensor or a defective limit switch.

Complete Shutdown

Furnace breakdowns come unannounced, and they are one of the worst furnace problems that one can think of. A furnace might shut down completely or lockout for various reasons. For instance, the furnace might shut down when it trips the circuit breaker. And usually, a strained blower is the main reason for a furnace tripping the circuit breaker. Similarly, a furnace might go into a lockout because an overheating or safety issue triggered the safety switch to shut down the furnace. In case of a shutdown, it’s best to call a furnace installation in Duluth, GA to diagnose and fix the problem.

Noisy Furnace

Another common problem people experience with their furnaces is the strange sounds such as clicking, rattling, rumbling, banging, and squealing. These sounds are warning signs indicating a problem with the furnace. And if not attended to on time or unnoticed, they may lead to bigger furnace issues that can demand hefty repair costs. For instance, if you hear a banging sound from your furnace, it’s probably because of a small explosion due to delayed ignition. A dirty or faulty pilot ignition causes this ignition delay. Similarly, you may hear a rattling or rumbling noise caused by a loose part in the furnace. Whatever the noise, schedule a HVAC contractors in Atlanta, GA, immediately and have the issue fixed if you ever face such a problem. 

Furnace Leakage

Sometimes a furnace might develop a condensation leak. This, in turn, can cause water to pool around the base of your furnace. Common reasons for a furnace leak include a clogged condensation drain, a leak in the condensation drain line, a faulty condensate pump, and a damaged drain pan. If you see puddles of water around your furnace, call a commercial HVAC in Atlanta, immediately and get the issue fixed before it does major damage to your furnace. 

Furnace Startup Issues

If your furnace won’t start or it is taking time, the problem might be with your thermostat or the air filter. Besides, a lack of gas supply or a faulty pilot ignition might also be why the furnace is not starting up. Before you schedule an appointment with a furnace repair expert in Roswell, try fixing the issue yourself by cleaning/replacing the air filter and ensuring that the thermostat is working fine. Also, check if the gas supply is turned on. Similarly, your furnace might not start if it is too old and needs replacement. That, however, is rarely the reason and so you need not worry much about a furnace replacement.

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