4 Likely Reasons Your Heater Is Not Blowing Warm Air

Heaters are reliable equipment, and they tend to work properly with a bit of care and maintenance. But just like any other machine or equipment, heaters too might act up sometimes despite all the necessary precautions. And while we understand how inconvenient it can get when a furnace stops blowing warm air on a chilly winter day, it is important to get down to the root cause of the issue so that it can be resolved fast. Read further to learn the four likely reasons for a heater not blowing warm air and the plausible solutions.

Incorrect Thermostat Settings

One of the most common reasons a heater blows cold air is that the thermostat is set too low. So, the first thing you must to do is check that the thermostat is set correctly. If not, set it at the desired temperature and wait for it to start blowing warm air; if it doesn’t, check for other reasons or call experts for furnace service in Roswell, GA.

Dirty Furnace Filter

Whether you have a gas-fired furnace or an oil-fired furnace, its filter can become clogged with dirt & debris if not cleaned regularly. This, in turn, will lead to your heater not blowing hot air. You can clean or change the filter yourself. But if you think that’s too messy, or if you want to go for a complete furnace cleanup, then call an expert for furnace cleaning in Roswell, GA.

Leaking Ducts

Your heating unit relies on ductwork to supply warm air to the required rooms. If the ducts leak or are clogged, it will lead to leakage of warm air, thereby resulting in cold air coming from the vents. Since the ducts are located in the attic or behind the walls, you would need to call an HVAC contractor in Duluth, GA, or nearby areas, to inspect the ducts and fix them if required.

Loose Blower Wheel or Fan Blade

Another common reason your heater is not blowing warm air could be a loose blower wheel or fan blade. This can lead to suction and the heater blowing cold air into the room. Since this is a mechanical issue, it is best to get the heater inspected by an heating contractor in Atlanta, GA, or the surrounding areas.

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