Why is My AC Underperforming?

Temperatures are rising around the globe, making air conditioning units work harder and longer. But if your AC is unable to provide you the comfort of a cool environment even after working for long hours, there can be a significant issue that is affecting its performance.

If you have tried multiple solutions and are still facing issues, contact us for AC replacement in Atlanta, as we are known for the best service in the region. However, let’s get further and learn about why your AC is underperforming and what you can do to resolve this problem.

Common Causes Behind an Underperforming AC

Damaged Fans

An AC, constantly running for an extended period, increases the risk of wear and tear on the motors and fan belts. In addition, when the fan stops working, it will reduce or completely stop the circulation of cold air in your place.

Capacitor Malfunctioning

The capacitor in your HVAC unit plays a crucial role in jumpstarting every cooling cycle. If it gets broken due to working overtime or completes its lifespan, it may fail to control the cooling cycle. As a result, your AC would not be able to perform efficiently.

Dirty Filters

When your AC filter has not been cleaned or changed, it gets excessively dirty and sometimes clogged. Clogged filters prevent the air from flowing smoothly throughout the system, causing the AC to generate less cooling.

Drain Corrosion

When water doesn’t pass and remains in the drain for a few days, it builds up corrosion. For example, a rusty condensate drain pan can cause a moisture leak. This leaked moisture can then circulate in your AC unit and further to your rooms, leading to subdued cooling (underperforming AC).

Freezing Coils

Evaporator coils in your AC can freeze if the blower fan is damaged or not functioning properly. Likewise, refrigerant leaks and clogged filters can also result in frozen coils. This problem can result in high moisture content and hot or less air in the system as well as in your rooms.

When you find that your AC is underperforming, you can take some steps on your own before the problem gets bigger, needing air conditioner repair in Suwanee, GA? Here are a few tips you should not miss.

  • Keep your doors and windows shut when your HVAC unit is on.
  • Use curtains and blinds to help increase AC efficiency and overall performance.
  • Keep a check on the filter and replace or clean it when required.
  • If you notice an unusual sound coming from your HVAC unit, consult an expert immediately.

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