Why Does My Furnace Turn On But Don’t Produce Heat?

Finding cold air blowing out of your furnace in the middle of the winter is not a pleasant experience. There might be a few issues with your appliance, and based on their severity. A technician might be able to solve your appliance’s heating problems. However, before you go about calling for a furnace repair in Atlanta, there are a few things that you can check on your own to restore the heating of your appliance.


The most common problems causing issues with your furnace are:


The Thermostat Is Set To “ON.”


People often forget to switch the thermostat from “ON” to “AUTO” when the season changes. This causes your appliance to blow out the air even when the heaters aren’t running. Hence, the cold air. Instead, try turning the switch to “AUTO” so that your blowers only run when you have the burners turned on.


The Fan Limit Switch is Changed Or Damaged.


Why Does My Furnace Turn On But Don't Produce Heat?Some furnaces will have a combination fan limit switch which tells the blower when to turn on. It does that by measuring the temperature of the heat exchanger and turns on. When the heat exchanger rises to a specific temperature. It also turns the blower motor off when the temperature drops after the burners have turned off. This fan limit switches also act as a safety device that tells the burners to turn off.  If the furnace reaches very high temperatures.

However, if your fan limit switch has been tampered with or damaged, it will let the blower blow air into the room even when the heaters have turned off. Similarly, if the fan override switch is somehow turned to “Manual” instead of “Auto,” it will continuously blow air into the room whether or not the burners are running.


Your Ducts Might Be Leaking.


Reduced or no heating might also be caused due to a leak in duct pipes. If your duct pipes have holes, the hot air might leak to the space nearby, depriving you of the necessary heating. Such leaks also put a more significant load on the furnace since they have to work harder to bring your room to the desired temperature.

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