Why Do You Need A Furnace Tune-Up?

Tune-ups are necessary to keep up with the overall health and safety of your furnace. Scheduling a tune-up every year can often be hectic as it might come with a lot of inconveniences. However, regardless of it all, homeowners should never miss out on this crucial maintenance aspect.

If you are still wondering whether furnace tune-ups are worth your investments, here are all to settle your concern as to why furnace inspection and maintenance are essential.


Save Your Unit From the Untimely Breakdowns


Many parts of your furnace start to wear off with time, and if gone unnoticed, they can eventually lead to an entirely damaged system. Furnace tune-ups help clean the system, lubricate its parts, and ensure well-secured connections for the proper functioning of your furnace.

While at it, a professional also examines the issues that often go unaddressed, such as weak pilot lights and cracked heat exchangers. Securing everything intact with furnace in service Roswell, GA, you are less likely to have a breakdown amidst the freezing winters.


Cuts Down the Cost of Your Energy Bills


A poorly maintained furnace needs to work harder to provide heat, putting a strain on its counterparts. This makes it less energy-efficient, which ultimately rounds off your electricity bills to larger digits.

Furnace tune-ups are an effective way to reduce those skyrocketing bills without compromising on any front. It not only eases up your wallet but also improves the energy efficiency of your system.


Reduces the Risk of Leakage of Carbon Monoxide


The most common issue that often worries the homeowners is the leakage of carbon monoxide in their house. Although furnaces are designed with systems to protect the inhabitants from carbon monoxide, leaks are a cause of concern. The issue can arise because of a cracked heat exchanger.

An HVAC technician can look into any problem leading to carbon monoxide leaks during furnace tune-ups and make prompt repairs.


Help Maintain Your Furnace Warranty


Warranty policies comply with furnace installation in Lawrenceville, Atlanta, Suwanee, Alpharetta and Duluth followed by maintenance by a certified HVAC service provider. Keeping up with yearly tune-ups is an easy way to ensure you are not devoid of your system’s warranty.

Concerning this, make sure to maintain a record of all the work performed as proof of maintenance. Missing out on regular tune-ups will only hurt your pocket down the course with undue repairs or replacements.


What All Services Are Added to Furnace Tune-ups?


  • Testing for the voltage settings
  • Cleaning coils, burners, and other interiors of the furnace
  • Lubricating all the required parts
  • Examining heat exchanger
  • Replacing air filters and ducts
  • Testing condenser fan motor capacitor
  • Checking service valves
  • Align belt and pulleys
  • Checking the safety controls


Furnace tune-ups generally cost around $80-$150, which is undoubtedly less than what you’ll need to pay for expensive repairs in the long run. Hence, it’s advised not to take a chance when it comes to the safety of both you and your system.

Schedule a furnace tune-up with JE Mechanical HVAC today. We are here to offer you the best HVAC Contractor in Lawrenceville, and Roswell, GA, to keep your furnace in top condition and avoid any further nuisance. Got any queries? Give us a call at (470) 239-1411.


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