Want to Save On Your Energy Bill This Summer? Read On!

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The peak of summer is here. And hopefully, you are ready with your air conditioner to beat the summer heat. But is your bank account ready for the sudden hit of higher energy utility bills? Well, don’t worry if it is not. Because your days of paying higher energy utility bills are over. We know how much you were longing for a comfortable indoor atmosphere and reduced energy bills together. Thus, the HVAC technicians at JE Mechanical HVAC have come up with the best tips to reduce your exorbitant energy bill.


Here Are 5 Simple Tips to Start Saving on Your Energy Bill


Turn Off Heat-Generating Devices


Your air conditioner works hard to keep your home cool and fresh. And during the peak of summer, it even gets more challenging to maintain the desired temperature level inside your home. We unintentionally and unknowingly contribute to increasing the heat inside our house. How? Many heat-generating devices, like LED lights, microwaves, dishwashers, etc., generate a certain amount of heat. And your AC thermostat can sense that heat and instruct your AC unit to work more to cool down.

The overworking of your air conditioner definitely raises the energy bill. And you can stop that. Turn off the lights when not necessary, and keep other electronic devices away from your air conditioner.


Check the Ducts and Vents


You need to check the ducts and the vents of your house. While you need to check if the ducts of your home are appropriately sealed, you also need to be sure that the air vents are correctly opened. Leaking air ducts make your AC work 20% more than usual to maintain your home comfort. And sealed air ducts stop the cold air from going outside your house and make your home more comfortable.

While checking the air vents, make sure that they are not broken or clogged anywhere. Broken or clogged vents have a hard time to pass cold air inside your house. As a result, your AC works more to maintain the cool temperature, and that raises the energy bill.


Change Your Air Filters


Changing the air filters more frequently is a part of the mandatory maintenance or AC repair in Duluth Roswell, Johns Creek, and Alpharetta, GA, that your AC needs. The air filters are very prone to get clogged with dust, dirt, and other debris. Clogged air filters not only stop the cold air generated by the AC from spreading uniformly inside your home but also affect the indoor air quality. Keep your air filters clean or change them.


Get a Programmable Thermostat


Along with many cost-saving methods, installing a programmable thermostat is also necessary to maintain your home comfort. A programmable thermostat can work automatically and change the temperature setting according to the weather. Thus, your AC works only if it is needed and rests when there is no need for cooling. Isn’t that a smart way to save on your energy bill? It sure is!


Save Your Energy Bill with Regular AC Maintenance


Professionally maintained air conditioners not only work efficiently, but they save you thousands of dollars in the energy bill. Every HVAC companies in Lawrenceville, GA suggests maintaining your AC professionally at least once or twice in a year.


Want to Save On Your Energy Bill This Summer? Read On!
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