Top 10 Common Heating Repair Problems

Heating appliances often trouble their owners with frequent problems. If your furnace troubles you too much as the owner, you should contact your technician. They can solve these problems through heating repair in Atlanta.


Common Heating Repair Problems Homeowners Face


Here is a list of common heating repair problems that you may face:


Top 10 Common Heating Repair Problems

  • Periodic maintenance can cause problems like dirty air filters, clogged vents, and dirt and dust on the system. That can hinder its performance.


  • Dirty air filters can lead to inefficient warming, poor indoor air quality, increased breathing problems and allergies for the family members, and increased energy bills each month. Clean or replace your filters regularly to avoid such problems.


  • Various parts of your furnace can face wear and tear due to excessive working. Regular maintenance and service jobs can help you keep such parts in their best condition for more years to come.


  • A malfunctioning thermostat can create unwanted problems for you, like the wrong temperature in the house and a continuously working blower. You can ask your HVAC contractors in Atlanta for a smart thermostat to make your job easier.


  • A faulty ignition control will not create the spark that will burn the gas to create heat in the furnace. You should clean the pilot light for its efficient working.


  • If you are not getting any heat from the furnace, check its breaker for tripping, the air filters for dirt and dust, the ignition light for proper burning of the gas, and the vents for no leakages.


  • A furnace that does not efficiently warm your home to a comfortable temperature can indicate various problems, like dirty air filters and clogged vents.


  • A furnace with frequent short cycles may indicate a malfunctioning thermostat as the system does not achieve the required temperature and is shutting off before it. Check the thermostat for batteries and faulty wirings.


  • A furnace is not supposed to make a noise while functioning. Hearing loud noises like banging, rattling, and creaking while the furnace works may indicate some internal problems that need immediate attention. Check the vents for foreign objects in them before contacting your technician.


  • The limit switch may be faulty if the blower runs continuously on your furnace. Moreover, a continuously working blower may also indicate problems with the thermostat.


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