The Top Ten Things to Look For When Buying a New HVAC System

Are you looking for a new HVAC system? If so, you’ve come to the right place! JE Mechanical HVAC, Corp. is one of the best HVAC companies in Lawrenceville, GA. finding the perfect heating and cooling system for your home or business can be overwhelming. That’s why we have listed the top 10 things to look for when shopping. From energy efficiency ratings to warranties and maintenance plans, we will help you make an informed decision about which HVAC system is best suited for your needs. With our team of expert technicians, you can count on us to provide reliable installation and heating services. Contact us now!

Things to Know When Purchasing a New HVAC System

• Seer Rating

The Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio is one of the most important factors when buying a new HVAC system. It is better to look for a heating and cooling system with high SEER ratings to ensure you get the most energy-efficient product possible. Higher SEER-rated systems also tend to be much more reliable and require fewer maintenance and repair services than lower-rated ones, helping you save money in the long run.

• Type of System

The type of system you choose will also depend on your budget and what kind of heating and cooling services you need. There are several types of HVAC systems available, which includes:

• Central HVAC systems: These systems are the most popular for homes and businesses. They provide cooling services in all areas of your home or office building, providing much-needed relief from summer’s heat.

• Heat pumps: Heat pumps use electricity instead of natural gas to heat a space by transferring air from outside to inside. It is more efficient than other heating systems and can be used year-round as a heating and cooling system.

• Packaged systems: Packaged systems are usually installed in commercial buildings or multi-family homes. It combines an air conditioner and a furnace into one unit, making it easier to install and maintain.

Each of these systems has its advantages and disadvantages, so it’s essential to do your research before making a purchase.

• Size of System

When choosing a new HVAC system, you should consider the space size that needs heating or cooling. If your heating and cooling system is too big for your home or office, it can lead to inefficient operation, higher energy bills, frequent repairs, and shorter equipment life. That’s why it is essential to get the right size of HVAC system for your needs.

• Installation Services

When purchasing a new HVAC system, it is essential to determine if the HVAC company offers installation services. The installation process can be complex, and an improper installation can negatively impact your new system’s efficiency, reliability, and lifespan. That’s why choosing a reliable company like JE Mechanical HVAC, Corp. is essential to undertake the installation process.

Installing your HVAC system on your own can be challenging and risky. It can lead to improper installation and damage to your new equipment. HVAC technicians have the necessary training and equipment to install and configure your system to maximize its performance. With the proper installation, you can save money on energy bills, reduce the frequency of repairs and extend the lifespan of your system.

• Warranties

It’s also essential to choose an HVAC system with a good warranty. Many manufacturers offer warranties on their products, but it’s best to look into this before you buy. Some warranties cover the entire heating and cooling system, while others only cover specific components or repair services. Make sure to read the fine print carefully so you know exactly what the warranty covers in case something goes wrong with your system.

• Maintenance Plans

Maintenance is essential to ensure your HVAC system works efficiently and prevents any potential breakdowns. Understanding the maintenance requirements of the unit you are considering before purchasing is essential.

Routine maintenance can extend the lifespan of your HVAC system and keep it working efficiently throughout its lifespan. Most HVAC companies offer maintenance plans that can help you keep your system in top condition.
It is important to remember that proper maintenance is essential to keep your HVAC system operating at its best. Failure to maintain your unit can lead to increased energy bills, frequent repairs, and reduced efficiency. Neglecting regular maintenance can also void the warranty on your system, leaving you responsible for any repair costs. Contact us today for all your HVAC repair in Alpharetta, GA.

• Features

Many different features are available for HVAC systems, from advanced thermostats to variable-speed fans. It is essential to understand the elements of a unit before purchasing to select one that fits your needs. Different teams will have various features and capabilities, so it is essential to research these differences before choosing one.

• Brand Quality

Another critical factor to consider when choosing an HVAC system is the brand and quality of the equipment. A good brand will be able to provide reliable, efficient, long-lasting products that are backed by a warranty. Research different brands and read customer reviews to ensure you buy a reputable product that will meet your needs and last for years.

We help customers find a dependable heating/cooling system with excellent warranties, good installation services, maintenance plans, and top-notch customer service.

• Filtration System

A sound filtration system is essential for clean air in your home or office. Quality HVAC systems have a filtration system that removes dust and other particles from the air, keeping it clean and reducing allergies. Select an HVAC system with good filtration for improved indoor air quality.

• Cost

One of the essential factors to consider when it comes to cost is the system’s energy efficiency. While you certainly don’t want to sacrifice quality for a low price, you also don’t want to overpay for a unit that doesn’t meet your needs.
It’s also important to consider the lifespan of the system. While a cheaper plan may seem like a good deal initially, it may not last as long as a higher-quality system. You may have to replace the system sooner, costing you more money in the long run.

Let Us Help You with the Right HVAC Installation

At JE Mechanical HVAC, Corp., choosing the right HVAC system for your needs can be daunting. So, we offer a wide range of services to ensure you get the best system for your needs. Our experienced technicians can help you evaluate different methods and determine the best option for your home or office. We also offer professional HVAC installation services to ensure your system is installed correctly and safely. With our AC service in Lawrenceville, GA we are here to keep your system running efficiently for years. Contact us today to learn more about our services!

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