Signs That Your Home’s Old Furnace Needs to Be Replaced

Signs That Your Home's Old Furnace Needs to Be Replaced

Whether to repair or replace a heating system is one of the most critical decisions a homeowner must make. Unfortunately, we won’t pretend there’s a simple solution to this issue since we can’t generalize about all furnaces. However, our commercial HVAC in Atlanta can provide you with some tips to assist you in figuring out when it’s time to replace your furnace.

The system’s age, unexpected temperature changes, high running expenses, and loud sounds are all indicators that it’s time to replace your old furnace with a new energy-efficient one. Contact a professional expert in your region to discuss the most recent energy-efficient furnaces on the market when you need to make a sound choice regarding a furnace replacement in Atlanta, Lawrenceville, GA.


An Unexpected Rise in Gas or Electric Bills


Are you wondering why your gas and electric bills have suddenly increased? It’s your furnace’s age that’s to blame.

Furnaces lose efficiency over time as they accumulate usage miles. It is exacerbated if the heater is not serviced regularly during the off-season. In addition, a worn-out heater would need a longer starting time to attain the specified temperature.

Take a look at your utility bills. If your expenses have increased, but your use has been constant, you will have a furnace that is nearing the end of its useful life. Replace it right away!


The Furnace Has Been in Use For More Than 15 Years.


In comparison to previous furnaces, the life of a furnace has increased. Modern air conditioning has a 15-year average lifetime, give or take. On the upper end, it’s widely agreed that 20 years is fortunate.

If the furnace’s lifetime is approaching this range, it’s time to replace it. If you’re not keeping up with product maintenance, have a specialist look it over and give you an appraisal.


Inconsistent Temperature From Room To Room


Uneven temperatures will be caused by various factors, including an open window or poor house design.

Check for any obstructions in the vents if this hasn’t happened before. Remove any impediments and clean. Check whether the move from heating to cooling last spring caused any problems.

Is everything still the same? You’re working with a furnace that’s nearing the end of its useful life. When should you replace your furnace? When your heating system fails to reach the necessary places, your family will be forced to spend a lot of time inside.

A furnace should provide warmth and comfort. Indoor temperatures that are below freezing are not pleasant!


An Unexpected Illness in the Family


Heaters create carbon monoxide as a by-product of warming the air. If your family begins to feel ill out of nowhere, you will be suffering from carbon monoxide poisoning caused by your heater. Tension headaches, dizziness, nausea, and vomiting are common symptoms of mild carbon monoxide poisoning. In addition, tiredness, disorientation, stomach aches, and breathing difficulties are possibilities.

The heat exchanger is the source of carbon monoxide leaks in heater systems. A furnace’s typical lifetime should be sufficient to avoid heat exchanger damage with regular maintenance. Unfortunately, damage to this component necessitates the purchase of a new furnace. At this time, repairs will not be able to extend the life of your furnace.

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