How Can I Stay Cool If My AC is Broken?

When your household AC breaks down and stops working suddenly, it can be a real nightmare. Especially if it happens during a heat wave! But we know that the probability of an air conditioner breaking down decreases when you keep up with maintenance and tune-up services. 


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What To Do When the Household Air Conditioning is Down? 


The vital question is what to do when the air conditioning is down. Here are some tips to help you stay cool until your AC is fixed:


  • At the earliest, enroll yourself into a maintenance and tune-up planThese services will ensure no situations arise that lead to a sudden breakdown of the AC system.


  • Close the windows and shut down the blinds and curtains so the sun’s heat cannot increase the temperature inside the room. Moreover, it’s better if the blinds or curtains are darker. A dark shade curtain will completely block the sunlight from entering the room.


  • Drink cool water and beverages to stay hydrated and let your body cool down with the coolness from the drinks. You can even eat fruits to help you stay comfortable. 


  • Wear cotton or other breathable fabrics to help you stay cool. There is a scientific reason behind wearing cotton clothes in summer. A cotton fabric cloth will absorb the sweat from your skin, and as the sweat evaporates into the air, it leaves a cooling sensation on your skin.


  • Make sure you have a fan installed before the summer, especially for situations like this. It will help the air circulation and relieve the blazing heat outside. Fans also help the AC system cool the room quickly as they throw and circulate the cool air in every corner. Contact JE Mechanical HVAC to book AC installation in Lawrenceville, and Duluth, Roswell GA. 


  • Take a dip in some cool water. This is beneficial as the water evaporates quickly and reduces the body temperature. 


Does Maintenance Help in Reducing Frequent AC System Breakdowns? 


Yes, regularly scheduled maintenance for your AC system can help to reduce the frequency of system breakdowns. In addition, keeping your AC system clean and well-maintained can help extend its lifespan and keep it running more efficiently. Be sure to consult with our professional HVAC contractors in Atlanta to schedule regular maintenance check-ups for your system.

Maintenance services include: 

  • Cleaning the air filter 
  • Checking the Freon levels 
  • Lubricating moving parts 
  • Tightening electrical connections 
  • Inspecting the evaporator and condenser coils 
  • Checking the thermostat calibration


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