Common Three Type of HVAC System

A Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system is what makes your home comfortable for living. These systems keep you cool in summers and warm in winters; HVAC systems also ensure that your home’s stale air is recycled. Running efficiently all year round may cause your HVAC system strain, and it may lead to breakdowns.

A regular maintenance check-up ensures that your HVAC system doesn’t break down abruptly. So, why are you waiting? It is time to call an HVAC contractor in Duluth, Lawrenceville, and Roswell, GA, now.


Types of HVAC systems


Before you get HVAC system maintenance, it is necessary to look at the types of HVAC systems if you need furnace replacement Lawrenceville, and Atlanta, GA.


Single Split System: A single split HVAC system is best for commercial spaces. These systems are popular among enterprise-level business owners. This HVAC system is compact and affordable and is ideal for small offices, restaurants, and server rooms.


Multi-split Systems: A Multi-split system has a lot in common with a single split system when it comes to operations, but they are functionally different. In a single split system, you need to install one outdoor unit to each indoor unit. But in the multi-split system, you need to install nine outdoor units to one indoor unit.


VRF System: Variable refrigerant flow is ideal for spaces like offices and hotels. These are of two types, heat pump and heat recovery. This heat pump system can provide you with heat and cool both, but these don’t provide you with both at the same time. This option is worth trying if you have an open floor type of house.


When do you Need to Repair your Heating System?


  • You need to repair your heating system if it is malfunctioning, releasing smoke, odor, poisonous gas, hampering air quality, and more. 
  • If the cost of maintenance has increased over the years.
  • Even after a DIY, your heating is not working efficiently.
  • The heating is expelling sub-par or room temperature air. 
  • If the burner flame of your heating is running yellow, you need to call a professional to perform a repair on your system. 
  • If you have to adjust your thermostat repeatedly, your heating system may just be malfunctioning, and it may be time to call a technician. 
  • You need to keep in mind how old your unit is. You won’t believe it, but your heating unit ages with you, and the older it gets, the more chances there are that it will malfunction. 
  • Is your heating system giving out a short cycle, meaning does it turn on and off intermittently? If yes, call a technician for an evaluation now. 
  • The quality of air in your house is very important. A spoiled heating system can positively ruin the air quality of your home, putting in jeopardy the health of your family. 


Is JE Mechanical HVAC Really the Best?


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