8 Things Indicating Your Central Air Conditioner Needs to Be Replaced

You do not have to worry about your room’s air quality and temperature as long as you have an air conditioner that is working properly. However, if it has become an issue that you cannot bear anymore, it is time for its replacement.

Air conditioners are machines, and just like any other machine, these systems will also have problems in the long run. Even after frequent air conditioning repairs in Lawrenceville, GA, there will come a time when it needs to be replaced. In this article, we have to learn about some of the most common signs of a complicated air conditioning system, indicating it’s time for its replacement.

8 Signs Your Central Air Conditioner Might Need a Replacement

Insufficient Cooling or Airflow

In most cases, if you experience low airflow or insufficient cooling in your rooms, you can get it fixed by professionals providing cleaning or AC service in Lawrenceville. Central air conditioners require time-to-time service and maintenance in order to ensure their smooth functioning.

Even with regular maintenance, if your AC can’t maintain the required level of cooling and airflow, repairing it would not make much difference. Moreover, it might prove to be a waste of your money. So instead, you may need to look for its replacement.

AC Making Noises

While it is normal for a central air conditioning unit to make some sound while functioning due to being a machine, if the sound gets loud, it is a point of concern you should pay attention to. For instance, the fan’s belt might have slipped off, the fan blades might have bent or broken, or the bearings might have worn, producing noises. Do not ignore these signs of a problematic AC.

As a solution to these problems, you may first go for AC repair in Lawrenceville, GA. If the problem persists, it is a sign your AC needs replacement.

Leakage Spotted

Leaking problems in ACs are not common at all; refrigerant leakage and moisture buildup are typical signs of a problematic unit. Refrigerant leaking in high quantities is dangerous for you and your family. Also, if the AC is leaking water, it can cause mold development in walls, woodwork, furniture, carpet flooring, etc.

If you see any symptoms of leakage around the components of your air conditioner, you may call JE Mechanical for the required repair services or a complete replacement.

Bad Smell, Allergies, and Poor Health

It is rare that your AC will produce foul smells. However, if you smell an odor in your room and can’t find the source, there might be some serious problem with your AC. Dirt, debris, or mold can build up inside your ducts or condenser unit, causing a foul smell. If these are not cleared in time, they can spread mold spores that are very harmful to occupants’ health.

If you have recently observed increased allergies or illness at your place, you should get your AC inspected and fixed. However, if the issues persist, AC replacement in Roswell would be the best option.

Poor Air Quality

Dust across your home, frequent sneezing, or minor respiratory issues can be signs that your AC is unable to provide you with quality air. In addition, when air conditioners function for extended periods, they tend to require air filter cleaning or replacement earlier than usual. In case not done regularly, it can lead to air quality problems.

If you keep your AC maintained and clean or change the air filter on time, and it still is not maintaining the required air quality, it might be time for its replacement.

Rising Power Bills

Most centralized air conditioning systems are energy efficient, but over time, it is possible that they lose their efficiency. Ignoring various minor issues can also lead to affecting your AC’s performance, pressuring it to work hard, due to which it consumes more power than usual.

Are you paying high power bills due to a problematic AC? If yes, it is time to look for an energy efficiency checkup. If the problem is able to be fixed, it is the best possible option; if not, do not hesitate to look for a replacement.

Increasing Need for Repairs

JE Mechanical always recommends planned maintenance and regular inspection so as to avoid repairs in the long run. However, AC problems do not happen with any prior notice, and the unit can become problematic at any time due to any given reason.

You might pay for AC repair frequently if it malfunctions every few months or its components are damaged. If so, investing in a new air conditioning system will be worth more than getting your old AC repaired repeatedly.

AC Gone Beyond Its Life Expectancy

In general, central air conditioners’ lifespan is considered 10 to 15 years. But again, it is just another type of machine which can become problematic after working for more than 15 years. If it is working fine in your situation, it is good. However, if your AC has multiple issues and has completed its lifespan, there would be nothing better than replacing it with a new one.

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