7 Most Common Questions People Ask Before an HVAC Replacement

When it comes to HVAC replacement, there are two very important things that people want to be sure about. First, they want to be sure that replacing their old HVAC with a new one is a better choice than going for an HVAC repair. Second, they want to be sure that they are buying the right HVAC for their home. And so they tend to ask many questions before reaching a final decision. Many of their questions are quite relevant, and so we decided to compile some of the most pertinent ones that will help potential HVAC replacement customers make a better decision. So, If you are looking for the HVAC repair in Suwanee, GA.

How to Decide Between HVAC Repair and Replacement?

HVAC replacement requires a substantial investment, and so, most HVAC owners prefer repair over replacement. But there comes a time when despite timely air conditioning and heating repairs in Atlanta and regular maintenance, an HVAC would just not perform the way it used to. In such cases, it’s best to replace the HVAC. Here are some HVAC replacement signs that you shouldn’t ignore:

  • Your HVAC is more than ten years old.
  • Your HVAC breaks down frequently.
  • Your heating and cooling bills are skyrocketing.
  • Your HVAC’s efficiency has drastically reduced.
  • You are facing poor indoor air quality or high-humidity issues.
  • The $5000 rule suggests HVAC replacement.

Why Do Most Experts Suggest Replacing an HVAC Every Ten Years?

While HVACs usually last anywhere between 10 to 15 years, it’s advisable to replace them every ten years. Here are some of the main reasons HVAC experts suggest so:

  • The efficiency of an HVAC starts deteriorating once it’s more than ten years old.
  • There’s a drastic increase in an HVAC’s power consumption.
  • Old HVACs run on outdated technology and lack the latest features.
  • New HVACs come with warranties which eliminate the cost of part replacement.
  • Old HVACs have a higher risk of sudden breakdown.

So if your HVAC is more than ten years old, you should start looking for a replacement. So contact our experts for the furnace repair in Suwanee, GA.

What is the $5000 Rule?

The $5000 rule is what HVAC experts use to help people decide between HVAC repair and replacement. Here’s how it works. Multiply the age of the system by the repair cost. If the value exceeds $5000, then it’s best to replace the HVAC.
For example, if a 10-year-old HVAC costs $600 for repair, then according to the $5000 rule:

Age of the HVAC * Repair Cost = 10 *$600 = $6000

Since the value exceeds $5000, it is advisable to replace the HVAC in this scenario.

What Size Heating and Cooling System Do I Need in My Home?

This is one of the most common questions air conditioning and heating contractors in Atlanta, GA, get asked by those looking for a new HVAC installation or an HVAC replacement. To determine the right size of heating and cooling system for your home, you need to run a load calculation that takes the following factors into account:

  • How big is your home is
  • The direction your home is facing
  • The number of rooms in your home
  • The size of the ductwork
  • Insulation type

Do Bigger HVACs Offer Better Heating and Cooling?

No, that’s not true. While a bigger HVAC does offer faster heating and cooling but they also tend to have shorter run-cycles. It means the HVAC compressor keeps turning on and off every few minutes. This not only leads to more pressure on the HVAC compressor but also leads to higher energy consumption as HVAC compressors require more energy to start. Besides, short run-cycles also lead to high humidity because the blower doesn’t run long enough to drain the water off the indoor coils. And in case you don’t know, one of the major downsides of high humidity is the growth of mold and mildew that can lead to several respiratory issues. To avoid oversizing/undersizing issues in HVAC, always consult a commercial HVAC in Suwanee, GA.

Is it Okay If I Replace Only the Outdoor Unit of My HVAC?

It is true that replacing only the outdoor unit does help save money. But ideally, one should replace both the indoor and outdoor units at the same time. That’s because an older indoor unit and a new outdoor unit may not be as compatible as a completely new HVAC, and this, in turn, can lead to reduced efficiency. For example, the new HVACs have a SEER of 13, whereas the older ones usually have a SEER of 10. This often leads to compatibility issues between the indoor and outdoor units. So contact JE Mechanical HVAC, Corp. for the furnace repair in Lawrenceville, GA.

What Are the Things I Must Consider When Looking For a New HVAC?

Here are some of the most important factors that one must consider when replacing their old HVAC with a new one:

  • Size of the HVAC
  • Energy efficiency
  • Duct or ductless
  • Features such as smart control, zone-wise heating & cooling
  • Warranty
  • Ease of maintenance
  • Brand (Customer Service)
  • Cost

It’s always best to read a few reviews and seek advice from friends and family who may have recently purchased a new HVAC. If you want expert advice, get in touch with us at JE Mechanical, and we would be happy to help. We are one of the most reputable HVAC  companies in Duluth, GA. We offer a wide range of services ranging from air conditioning and heating repair to furnace replacement to furnace service/repair and more. To schedule an appointment, call 470-239-1411 or drop us a line at office@jemechanical.com.