6 Effective Heat Pump Maintenance Tips


6 Effective Heat Pump Maintenance TipsHeat pumps have the leverage of transferring heat rather than generating it, making your place more cost-effective. When it gets cold in your house, the pump pulls heat from outside and transmits it inside. Heat exchangers can provide comparable space ventilation for as little as a fraction of the cost of traditional heating and cooling systems. 

Heat pumps are a good way to cool and heat your home. They are energy-efficient devices that can cool your home during the summer months while also providing heat during the colder months. Hence to ensure that it performs at its best all year, you must routinely schedule maintenance and heat pump repair in Atlanta.


How To Maintain Your Heat Pumps?


A heat pump can help you remain comfortable when the outside air temperature runs below 60 degrees Fahrenheit. However, this can only happen when your heat pump functions accurately without demanding frequent furnace service Roswell, GA. Mentioned below are some vital tips to maintain your heat pump effectively – 


Make Sure To Guard The Pumps From Harmful Elements.


To ensure your heat pump runs well without glitches, keep frost, ice, and leaves away from the heating system. 


When It Comes To Refurbishing, Be Actively Involved.


During the colder months, keep a close eye on the exterior heat exchangers for indications of excessive ice or frost build-up on and around the unit. This is pretty crucial after the cold weather.


Start By Removing Any Snow Or Ice That May Have Accumulated.


If your heat pump gets covered with snow or ice, the initial thing you must do is remove it to let your device function effectively. Also, to discharge the ice accumulation set the temperature to urgent heat or turn it off. Drizzle warm water or even freezing water on hard snow and ice to melt it.


Clean The Ducts Cautiously.


Use no sharp things to grab or strike the ice off the heat pump’s windings as this could result in severe damages. Instead, turn the heating system back to standard heating once the device is transparent of snow and ice. However, if you face this problem again, call professionals for HVAC contractor in Roswell, and Duluth, GA


Make Sure There Is No Direct Connection Between The Pumps And The Sewer.


Allowing the heating system to sit beneath a leaking drain line is not a good idea. The liquid will trickle on the top of the unit during the colder months and freeze solid. The flow of air will be restricted, causing the entire system to refrigerate.


Make Sure To Keep The Heat Pumps At A Higher Ground.


To keep wires clear of snow or ice and effectively drain, heat pumps must get elevated 4 to 8 centimeters above floor level.

With these easy tips above, you can maintain your heat pumps for long without facing any breakdowns. However, if you still face any problems with your heat pump, we are here to help. We are one of the best HVAC contractors in Atlanta, GA, whom you can trust for all your AC or heat pump-related problems. To book our expert services, give us a call at 470-239-1411.