5 Tips to Avoid Calling a Furnace Repair


A quote goes, “Prevention is better than cure.” which applies to your furnace too. With the assistance of furnace service in Roswell, GAthere are five things you must do to your furnace now to avoid a repair later.


Five Tips To Ensure A Working Furnace:


The five suggestions below can help you extend your furnace’s life expectancy. 


Maintain Your Blower Motor 

5 Tips to Avoid Calling a Furnace Repair


The blower motor in the furnace is responsible for blowing out hair. It is prone to get damaged because of its function. The signs of a damaged blower motor are:

  • The furnace continues to be negative, blowing out hot air. 
  • You can hear noises in the furnace. 

Get your blower motor serviced by calling a technician from a trusted HVAC contractor in Roswell, and Duluth GA


Let Your Vents Be Open 


Leave the vents of a furnace unobstructed to increase its life expectancy. Air circulation is essential to avoid strain on its internal components. Do not block these vents behind flammable furniture or other material.


Clean Your Filters


Unclean air filters are often the leading reason your furnace is not heating. A dirty air filter circulates polluted air and increases the load on your furnace. Clean your air filters every two months or schedule a service to replace them. 


Acknowledge The Smell


A furnace runs on electricity or gas. Both materials can be dangerous if overlooked. If you sense the smell of melted plastic, burning, or gas coming from the unit, you must immediately call emergency HVAC services in Alpharetta. Regularly service your furnace to avoid leakage or overheating. 


Monitor Your Flame Sensor


The flame sensor curbs dangerous gases from being released during or after the use of the furnace. The flame sensor may stop working because of dirt. If your furnace has a flame sensor, clean it to avoid further harm.

The tips given above can save you from stressful furnace repairs later. Regularly maintain your furnace to avoid any harm. Servicing your furnace should not be a tedious task, and we, at JE Mechanical HVAC, promise you and your environment a beneficial service. Schedule a furnace replacement in Lawrenceville, and Atlanta, GA, today!

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