10 Things You Should Know About AC Repair

Air conditioning systems are sturdy machines that generally do not require repair work easily. However, when minor problems are not fixed on time, they usually end up affecting other components or parts of your air conditioner, sometimes damaging them to the extent that they need intensive repairs or AC replacement in Suwanee. While you can never assume when a problem will occur in your AC, you can definitely know what common AC problems might cause more significant issues needing repair. Let’s get started.

Thermostat Problems

If you face issues like inappropriate temperature or AC turning on and off automatically after frequent intervals, there can be an issue with your thermostat. Since it controls the temperature setting in your home, make sure it is turned on and functioning well and turned away from sunlight. The heat from sunlight and nearby heat-generating appliances can also affect its performance. However, the issue may be something else if your thermostat is working properly.

Tip – Ensure your thermostat works well.

Filter Blockage

One of the main reasons air conditioners fail is a clogged or dirty filter. When not cleaned for months, it accumulates all the dust chunks, which further restrict the airflow, making your air conditioner work harder than usual. When it happens consistently over a period of time, it becomes vulnerable and starts malfunctioning, sometimes damaging other components, too, leading to the need for air conditioning repair in Johns Creek, GA.

Tip – Always keep your AC filter clean.

Drainage Issues

Similar to a filter, the AC’s drain line can get clogged due to dust, dirt, and sometimes mold. Clogged drains fill up the water pan quickly, and due to the increasing level of water, it will leak out. It can further cause damage to other nearby components of the AC unit. In some cases, the water can also leak inside your rooms. If you face such an issue, turn off your AC and get professional help.

Tip – Planned maintenance is best to avoid these minor problems that can turn bigger and require costly repairs.

Refrigerant Leaks

When the air conditioner’s coolant starts leaking, the unit will not perform efficiently, and the temperature will fluctuate. You would not be able to reach the place from where the refrigerant might be leaking unless you are an AC technician. Thus, it is better to get an inspection done by hiring a reliable AC service in Duluth.

Tip – Never ignore even the slightest leaks and get immediate support from professionals.

Problematic Compressor

The compressor powers the refrigerant to carry out the heat exchange process. In case your compressor doesn’t work efficiently, the AC unit will not cool your house. Similarly, when the compressor doesn’t get a sufficient amount of refrigerant, it will overload and overheat, resulting in getting seized.

Tip – Learn more about keeping your compressor and condenser unit maintained.

Breakers or Fuses

An AC does not always stop functioning for mechanical reasons; there can be electrical problems too. For instance, if your AC’s compressor or fan motor is broken, it might have happened because a faulty breaker or fuse could not prevent its overheating.

Tip – Again, timely AC maintenance service can help address such issues long before they become more significant.

Broken Contactor

Any air conditioning system has contactors for the blower fan, condenser fan, and compressor. These contractors create an electrical connection to start the motors and compressor. In case there’s arcing and/or pitting on any contactor, it will fail to link electric current across components, and the motors won’t turn on. In common cases, it happens when the contactor is broken.

Tip – If some parts of your AC are not working properly or have stopped working at all, know that it is time for its repair.

Faulty Capacitors

The motors that run the compressor and fans would not work if capacitors malfunction. The start capacitor activates the motor, while the run capacitor keeps the motor working. Even if one of them is damaged or burned, your AC will not run effectively.

Tip – If you realize your AC is not performing well, it is recommended to look for an HVAC contractor in Atlanta, GA, for general inspection.

Damaged Evaporator Coils

Evaporator coils (typically using a network of air ducts) absorb heat in the air, cool it down, and send it back into your house. These coils can become corroded over time due to harsh weather conditions or other multiple reasons requiring repair.

Tip – These coils can be checked and fixed with yearly AC maintenance.

Malfunctioning Condenser Coils

Choose a reliable service provider at the time of AC installation in Lawrenceville, GA, to avoid facing minor as well as major problems in the long run. However, if your condenser unit is not working because its coils have become dirty, you can clean them if the unit is installed outside your home. If you aren’t able to, JE Mechanical would be happy to provide you with the best AC service in your area.

Tip – Take care of the outside unit too.

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